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At Lantech Web Design we are passionate about the web and we understand what is necessary to make your company a success on the internet.


There are lots of people that can make a website. Your teenage son who is studying computers at school, the local computer repair shop, maybe even your next door neighbour. But in reality is that who you want to entrust the future success of your company to? ...... I didn't think so !


We know how the web works and how to take maximum advantage from it.

It doesnt matter whether you are a sole trader, a new startup or a large existing business who has been active on the internet for several years. Whatever your situation we have the understanding necessary to help your business grow by making the very best use of the latest in web technology.


To discuss how we can help you maximise your profit and expand into a new marketplace contact us today.


Tel: 0844 826 0504 (National) - Tel: 01704 335028 (Local)

Email: info@lantechwebdesign.co.uk